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A contractor with the company told The Indian

The company security guards, instead of helping me, escaped from the spot. We have launched a search for them.He told The Indian Express, “I left on my bike and after going around 100 metres, I saw five youth in a verbal duel with another youth who was travelling on bike.Bharuch: After asking his name and identifying his community, a 22-year-old man was beaten up by a group of five in GujaratBharuch on Saturday.

“I took out my belt in defence but they caught hold of it and beat me with it. When I said my name, they asked which company I was working for. When I asked what was my fault, they replied with fists. I returned to Dahej from Mumbai today (Monday) afternoon and I am trying to get information about the incident.On Munday, Faisal Khan was discharged from the hospital and he left for Mumbai. Somehow I managed to escape from the spot as my bike was on. The hospital authorities informed police about the incident. I hid myself at a distance and informed a colleague, Imtiyaz Shaikh, about the incident.

We have checked CCTV cameras of the company and found that the victim was beaten up by five youth. I met Faisal and will verify it with the other people working in the unit. I left my bike and ran to the company gate. Faisal on July 6 joined a company that is into tyre manufacturing.Faisal Khan, a resident of Andheri, Mumbai, was leaving from his workplace when the alleged incident happened. They chased me and beat me up again. I gave the company’s address when three of them started slapping me. At present, it is difficult to say anything about the incident.” China wholesale Show Car Aheadset Stems Meanwhile, the other three men joined them and forced me into an autorickshaw, took me to a lonely place nearby and again beat me up.”Faisal informed his colleagues and was taken to the Patel Welfare Hospital in Bharuch.A case against five unknown men was registered under IPC sections 323, 504, 114 and 506(2).Dahej police sub-inspector S N Patil said, “We have recorded the statements of the victim and lodged a complaint against five youth. Police are investigating. I did not pay attention and tried to skirt around the group when the men, speaking local language, caught hold of me and asked my name.A case was registered and police is looking for the accused, The Indian Express reported.”

A contractor with the company told The Indian Express, “I was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai when the incident happened. We came to know that all them who were speaking Gujarati were from nearby Galanda village. When the incident took place there were 70 people working in the firm. They left me there when they were tired.However, the other two men again stopped Faisal and started beating him.”When three of the five youth went away from the spot, Faisal made his way out to go to office

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But, rough terrain devotees in India have

Talking about these new bikes, KTMitem showcasing administrator Joachim Sauer stated, "This is an extraordinarily energizing advancement for KTM.Brandishing the mantra "Ready to Race", KTM offers a large group of two-stroke and additionally four-stroke rivalry prepared cruisers. But, this TPI innovation is said to offer a noteworthy diminishment in fuel utilization, alongside no longer having to pre-blend motor oil in fuel or fiddle around with flying in the carburettor. These new bicycles will hit the showrooms in Europe in June-July, while North America will see the XC-W 250 by September-October 2017.These two cruisers are being touted as the worldfirst serial generation two-stroke bicycles for the worldwide market which will be fuel-infused instead of carburetted.

No strong points Bicycle Foot Peg Manufacturers of interest of this tech have been uncovered yet, and we'll need to sit tight for the worldwide dispatch booked for May 15, 2017, for more data.KTM has been the dominant force in the world of off-road racing, racking up 16 wins at the gruelling Dakar Rally and a massive number of championships and victories in supercross, motocross and enduro racing.in end-of Tags: ktm, fuel-infused two-stroke motorcycles, new launch. But, rough terrain devotees in India have no less than one KTM to anticipate as the 390 Adventure, which ought to achieve our shores by late 2017 or mid 2018. These two rough terrain machines will be a piece of KTMmodel-year 2018 universal line-up, while the US and Canadian markets will get the 250 XC-W TPI. But, perceiving how Kawasaki has as of late propelled a couple of its motocross bikes in India, we're truly trusting it sparkles different producers, including KTM, in doing likewise.

KTM has recently declared that it will dispatch two fuel-infused two-stroke motorcycles in May this year – the 250 and the 300 EXC TPI.The new bikes will highlight KTMnew two-stroke fuel-injection system initiated TPI (Transfer Port Injection) and the organizationinnovative work division in Mattighofen, Austria, trusts it to be a progressive innovation.”Now, obviously, KTM has no arrangements to present any of its opposition bikes in the Indian market.Source: Vicky

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Paris is our first big-scale deployment

Lime, which operates bike and scooter schemes in about 60 cities and university campuses in the United States, has already launched operations in the German cities of Berlin and Frankfurt and in Zurich, Switzerland.Lime arrives in Paris as the city’s own alternative mobility solutions are in deep chaos.15 euros per minute.16) per ride plus 0.All scooters will be picked up every night around 9 p.California-based bicycle sharing service Lime will launch a fleet of dock-free electric scooters in Paris on Friday as part of a wider roll-out in several European cities, the firm said.Jacquier said Lime plans to launch in 26 European cities by year-end, but declined to specify in which countries.Lime users can find and unlock the scooters with a mobile phone app and leave them anywhere after their ride, which will cost one euro (1. for recharging and repairs, said Jacquier, who was an executive with Gobee Bike, which earlier this year stopped its European bike sharing operations due to vandalism.

Lime, founded in June 2017, has raised 350 million from Silicon Valley investors and plans the next financing round for several hundred millions of dollars for its US and international expansion, Jacquier said.The city on Thursday ended the Bollore group’s contract to operate its electric vehicle car-sharing scheme due to financial problems while a change of operator at its pioneering Velib bike-sharing scheme has left a large part of its docking stations unusable. Lime is very different.Private-equity funded Lime started as a bicycle-sharing scheme in California, but when the firm also started offering electric scooters, demand from users was 10 times higher than for bicycles, Jacquier said.

“Paris is our first big-scale deployment in Bike Handlebars for sale Europe, we have big ambitions in Europe,” Lime France director Arthur-Louis Jacquier told Reuters on Thursday. From Friday morning, Lime will put a few hundred scooters on Paris streets and hopes to expand that to a few thousand as demand grows. end-of Tags: electric bikes, environment, paris.In recent years, Paris has been a testbed for new mobility solutions, with several Chinese bike share operators and two electric motorbike schemes launching services in the French capital.m. By picking up the scooters every night we will avoid problems with breakage,” he said. Their speed is limited to 24 kilometers (15 miles) per hour and they have a range of 50 kilometers.“Gobee was a good learning experience

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We were sitting casually and talking about pollution

Faisal Shah Khan, Sayed Monis Athar, Faraz Hasan Malik and Wasim Akhtar — who have completed their B.One of the four boys, Wasim Akhtar, is currently in Hyderabad to redesign the bike make through Computer Aided Design (Auto-CAD) software.”Faraz Hasan Malik, another mastermind of the project and a resident of Bihar, said the whole project is self-financed and the money was contributed by all of them.

The cost Bicycle Handlebars for sale of running the bike for 80 km comes to merely Rs 40. The bike has a modified carburettor and a regulator to control gas intake.A bike that runs on CNG and gives a mileage of 80 km per kg may sound almost impossible, but four young boys in Rampur district have achieved the impossible.Syed Monis Athar said they were now working on sorting out safety concerns including placement of the gas tank.According to a study conducted by IIT Kanpur on pollution in Delhi, two-wheelers are causing more pollution in the city than cars and the modified bike, if it goes into commercial production, could take care of environmental concerns.”

A 1 kg CNG cylinder is fitted in the bike and it runs on both petrol and gas.Tech from an engineering college in Greater Noida have come up with a prototype version of the CNG-run bike in a span of less than one year.Explaining the modifications in the bike Faisal said, “All the modified equipment for the prototype motorbike was made in a local workshops under our guidance. The overall cost incurred on modifying the bike was about Rs 10,000 and the second hand bike cost us Rs 42,000.According to Faisal Shah Khan.

“We were sitting casually and talking about pollution and inflation, when the idea of a CNG bike struck us. “We hope to get the bike on the road in the next one year,” he said.The final make of the bike is expected to cost between Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000.The four youth have gained appreciation from experts when they showcased their innovation at the national exhibition held at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi on December 4.The project was conceived in October 2014 and the bike’s prototype was finally rolled out in February 2015. The purpose of developing such a bike was to make it environment friendly and provide a cheaper means of transport”